The Falstaff wine cellar is known for its selection and variety of local wines. Verduno is also an important area for great Piedmont wines.

Other than being famous for it’s age-old tradition of “grape pressing”, it also has an innovative disposition to bringing back the great wines from the past.

That is how Pelaverga - an ancient grape variety which almost disappeared in it’s natural area of production around Saluzzo - was brought back to life here in Verduno where it has enjoys great success as it once did long ago.

It is in fact one of the oldest and most well known Piedmont wines, thought of as a gentleman’s wine.
But it’s also a wine which has it’s own history, or maybe it’s just a legend.

It is said that in the sixteenth century the Marchioness Margherita di Foix, having offered Pope Giulio II a few bottles of Pelaverga, managed to bring Saluzzo up a rank to become an EpiscopalSee of Piedmont. It is therefore not only a delicate wine, but also a powerful one.

The grape varieties grown in Verduno are: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Favorita for white wines. Pelaverga, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo for red wines.

We suggest you accompany our dishes with wines produced by Verduno wine makers which you will find in the wine list.