Examples of autumnal menus



Loin of rabbit  with vinegar of old Barolo and hazelnuts


Risotto with autumnal mushrooms


Fillet of boar with Barbera


Candy fig with ice cream of grappa


€35.00 (without beverage)




Salted codfish on potatoes cream and pachino tomatoes

 Filled red onion with reduction of Barbera wine

Nest of  mushrooms with quail egg


 Tagliatelle at thirty yolks with black truffle


 Guiena fowl with Pelaverga


Variety of Piedmontese cheese


Filled peach with amaretto of Saronno



€55.00 (without beverage) 



In Autumn it's available a range of courses with Alba white truffle. For example:


Raw meat

Cradoon flan with fondue of Raschera cheese


First course:

Tajarin with butter

Rvaioli del plin with butter and sage


Fondue of Raschera cheese


White truffle is served at the  € 4,00 per gram (€ 40,00 per ounce)